Daily Reading
Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This should be a peaceful day for you, Aquarius. Be sure to make the most of it, because it's the calm before the storm. This could be a day of discussion and exchange with close friends or colleagues at work. It's ideal to tighten some of your professional ties. Some people might suddenly seem more reasonable than you imagined them to be, so listen up!

Important planetary aspects of the day:
Moon opposes Venus; Moon sextiles Neptune; Moon trines Jupiter;... Read More
Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
Try looking at things from the view/standpoint of others and... Read More
Activities that are highly favoured:
Sinking wells/ mines; purchasing Red Coral, or pearl for remedial... Read More
Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the thighs; lending/ borrowing money; long journeys.... Read More
General numerological guidance for the day:
2 and 7 borns will enjoy better luck than others.... Read More